Our Goal

X-games Mage is a blog created by passionate people, who love extreme games and adventurous outdoor sports. It is started with just one single goal, to share our passion, experiences to those who like X-games as well as other outdoor activities.

We want to create a place, community where, you can find or share the helpful tips and guides from entry to intermediate level for people who love the sports.


The Beginning

My name is Julian Felton. I’m a pro copywriter and semi-pro skateboarder. I have good writing skill and big passion in street games like skateboarding, BMX. I have a family with my wife, Jessica and 2 little angles James and Jane. I’m the Co-founder and Chief Editor of this blog.

Everything started since 2017…

It was a beautiful Sunday morning when I took my family to the park nearby for some fresh air. When i was enjoying some skateboard stunts by myself, my boy asked me to teach him, and he seemed very eager and desired. Many weeks later, my son and I practiced and played together. And you know what, it’s such a great feeling having your child share the same passion with you. And believe me, these games train people.

Since then, an idea popped up in my mind, i need to do something to help other children like James, or anyone who want to join the world of fun, excitement and courage.


Our Team

Luckily, i have some friends who share the same thought with me. They are all really skillful at various X-games, from skiing, snowboarding to surfing, diving…


Julian Felton

Julian Felton

Chief Editor

I am is a father of two, a professional writer, photogrpaher who has a strong passion in X-games as well as camping, and hiking.


Susie Cullens


Susie, a young and beautiful lady whose pro skills of many winter games. She loves to share her joy and expericences.

Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan


Micheal is a professional surfing trainer. You can ask Michael everything about water games.


Jorge Bowers


Jorge is the talented designer who stand behind every beautiful art, picture in our blog.


Carol Poling


Carol, a pro developer who help us build this website and our savior when in technical troubles.